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The Very First One

Welcome to the very first post of The Book Mark.  Almost ten years ago, I started a book club because I wanted to be able to read books and discuss those books with others who had read them too. Ten years ago that was the way to do it.  While my book club is still going strong, I now have the opportunity to go viral with my passion. I am excited about this new literary adventure and hope that I can share my love of reading with you.
I thought about how to start off this blog and I decided that the month of December will dictate what I write here.  I am often asked what I have read lately and what I can suggest. December is the month for gift giving and the month to take stock of the year. So in keeping with that idea, I am going to discuss what I believed to be the best of what I have read this year, 2011.
Sister by Rosamund  Lupton (A+) was by far one of the very best for this year.  Bee lives in New York and her sister Tess lives in London.  They are extremely close and tell each other everything.  One day, their Mom calls Bee to tell her that Tess has gone missing.   Bee gets herself to London where she is told that Tess had committed suicide.  Did she? How to find out the truth? I recommend Sister for anyone who loves great suspense and mystery.
The Inheritance of Beauty by Nicole Seitz (A+) is another great story by one of my favorite authors (Saving Cicadas). Magnolia and George have been in love almost forever.  Now in their last years, they live in a nursing home. Magnolia lives in her silent world while George longs for her companionship.  George receives a package that contains a portrait of a young Magnolia.  Who sent it?  Why now?  George and Magnolia are nearing the last of their lives but secrets and mystery interrupt their quiet existence.  This is another beautiful, heartwarming novel by Nicole Seitz.
The Violets of March by Sarah Jio (A+) was an Advanced Reader edition that I am so happy to have won. Emily returns to her summer home on Bainbridge Island to heal from a very recent, painful divorce.  Aunt Bee gets her settled into a room in the house that Emily had never seen before.  One restless night, Emily opens the night stand drawer and discovers a diary. The diary is about Esther. Who is Esther and why is Emily determined to find out all she can about her?  I read this book over the summer and sat on my porch and didn’t move a bit until the very last page.
Several other titles earned good “marks” and they are:
When She Woke by Hillary Jordan (A)
The Dry Grass of August by Anna Jean Mayhew (A)
The Paris Wife by Paul McLain (A)
Dreams of Joy by Lisa See (A)
Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks (A)
Praise Jerusalem by Augusta Trobaugh (A)
The Distant Hours by Kate Morton (A)
I hope that you find one to your liking among my list.  I read a total of 45 books so far this year and the year isn’t over yet!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing my very first post and please come back often.

One response to “The Very First One

  1. Chris Tusa December 6, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    Great site. Very succinct reviews, and I love the grading system idea. I’m telling my friends about this one

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