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A Story of Survival

Two Rings, a story of love and war (A) by Millie Werber and Eve Keller is a heart wrenching memoir of love and survival.  Millie Werber has told her story to Eve Keller who has written it into a moving and touching memoir. To say that I enjoyed reading Two Rings would not be accurate. At times, I was brought to tears by the brutality of it.  I was even disgusted and sickened by so many of the events. What I can say is that I honor this book.  It is an honest, sincere memoir.

Millie begins her story as a young girl living in Poland.  The life she knows suddenly comes to an end with the German invasion and the Nazi regime.  She along with the rest of her family and neighbors are imprisoned by the Germans, used as slaves, treated inhumanly and murdered.  I have read many accountings of these events but never before have I read them told by someone who survived them. From her home in Poland as a young girl, to her arrival in America as a young married woman, Millie carried the burden of her imprisonment and her secret love with her.  As she begins to tell her story, she is a widow.  She had been married to Jack Werber for 60 years but she has never spoken of her first love, her first husband Heniek.  In her words,” telling the story has liberated her and ensured that Heniek is remembered”.  She has not only ensured that Heniek is remembered but also Jack, her mother and father, aunt and uncle and those she met along the way who helped her.

Millie, I too, will not forget your story. I have been touched by your bravery and moved to tears by your pain. It has been an honor to read Two Rings and I intend to pass it along so that everyone can know for themselves what it means to survive.


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