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Books that make the grade.


Though not my favorite genre, The Snowman (B) by Jo Nesbo provided thrills and chills.

Harry Hole has just completed an FBI course of training about serial killers.  Now back in Oslo, he has been chosen to investigate murders past and present committed by a killer they have named The Snowman.

The Snowman chose women who are married with children but who were being unfaithful.  Each of their children was fathered by men other than their husbands but the husbands were mostly unaware of this.

At times the foreign sounding names and places were a bit confusing.  The story flipped from past to present with flashbacks to incidents leading up to the present day situations, though informative, this sometimes was confusing too.

What I didn’t like and don’t like in police crime novels is the dialogue.  I call it police banter and it is more typical of a bad police TV drama then a novel.  I don’t watch police dramas either for this very reason.

For the most part, the story was interesting and the mystery sustained until the very end.  I was eager to discover the identity of the Snowman but also just as eager for it to be finished.  This is our book club choice for March.  I choose The Snowman for our group to read because we haven’t read anything similar yet.  I am sure it will provide a lively discussion and that will be good but I know it is not a genre we will be revisiting anytime soon.


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