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Bora Bora

Well last week I was in Oslo, Norway and this week I ventured to Bora Bora with The Bungalow (B+) by Sarah Jio.  I was first introduced to Sarah Jio when I won an early reader copy of The Violets of March (A).

We first meet Anne in 2006 as she is discussing with her granddaughter a project that Jennifer has been working on for sometime.  On her campus, there is a sculpture of a man and a woman holding a box between them.  Jennifer is determined to decipher the meaning of the box and the lives of the couple.  At the very same time, Anne receives a letter that was sent to her from someone who is in Bora Bora and would like to talk to her about the time she spent there during WWII.

As she reads the letter; she is encouraged by her granddaughter to discuss the events that took place a long time ago in the far away island in the South Pacific.  Secrets long kept and feelings so long buried come undone and so the story of Anne and Westry unfolds.

Jio knows how to spin a good tale and The Bungalow, while not as great as The Violets of March, is well done.  The twists and turns of the story are well paced so that the reader is interested and engaged.  While a bit predictable, The Bungalow incorporates all the important must haves of any good love story. Regardless of what you like to read, everyone needs a love story now and again and for me this fit the bill.

A friend of mine refers to light books  as “fluff”.  Well, probably she would consider The Bungalow “fluff”.  Nonetheless, I would encourage everyone to give it a go.


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