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Goth Girl

The Girl Below (D) by Bianca Zander is a rather bizarre story about a dysfunctional family.  Suki Piper and her family live in London in an apartment that is rather nice.  She has a loving mother and father that appear to have a solid marriage. The truth is rather the opposite.  Her father Ludo has a wandering eye and is often unfaithful.  Suki is blissfully unaware of this until “the party” thrown by her father to celebrate the renovation of their apartment.  It is during the party that Suki’s curiosity leads her to discover a very adult scene taking place in her parent’s bathroom. The following day, while trying to process what she had seen the night before, the family decides to explore the cavern of an air raid shelter that lies below the ground in their garden.  While exploring its depths, Suki slips and falls into the flooded space. The trauma of this fall brings forth all kinds of strange and psychotic thoughts and memories that haunt Suki the rest of her life.

The novel continues with alternating chapters that take us from these events to Suki at 18. After the death of her mother, she ventures to New Zealand to find her father where he is living with his new family.  The chapters link what has gone before as explanation of Suki’s current behavior.  She is clearly damaged by he parent’s divorce and later her mother’s death but it is the reoccurring memories of the time in the shelter that add a Goth flavor to the story.

I have to admit that my curiosity of how this all fit together along with wondering what really happened in the air raid shelter propelled to me to read and finish this very chaotic and disappointing novel. Certainly this was not my cup of tea. It was an early reader giveaway that I tried to read with an open mind however, I could find little to encourage suggesting others to read this book.


One response to “Goth Girl

  1. Joanne April 23, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Thanks Ro -I don’t think I will put this on my list of “must read”-sounds a little crazy-I give you credit for pushing through it-hope it wasn’t too long.

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