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A Free Surprise

It isn’t always true that you get what you pay for.  Recently, I downloaded a free book to my Kindle that was truly worth way more than “free”.  River Jordan (B+) by Augusta Trobaugh is a delightful southern story about several dysfunctional families and the women who work for them. I first was introduced to Trobaugh with an advanced copy of Praise Jerusalem (B+) one of her earlier works.  Oddly enough, I didn’t connect her to that book when I was offered River Jordan. I was attracted to the story by the introduction that was provided and I was thrilled when I realized that she had also written Praise Jerusalem.  River Jordan was as wonderful as Praise Jerusalem.

Trobaugh has a talent for incorporating life’s’ moments with incredible characters to produce an engaging and charismatic novel. In River Jordan, we first meet Pansy Jordan a black woman who has been in prison for sometime because she accidentally killed her abusive husband.  While there, she has a vision and in that vision Jesus comes to her and tells her that she will be saved if she is baptized in the River Jordan.  Her parole is being discussed and she vows that if she is paroled she will live a good Christian life and find the River Jordan for her baptism.

Pansy’s sister Peony cares for a young girl by the name of Jordan.  Jordan’s mother has recently remarried.  Jordan has a gift, which her stepfather isn’t pleased about.  She has moments where she appears to go into a trance.  In these moments, Jordan can clearly see both things in the past and the future.

The small southern town where Jordan lives is filled with many characters. There is Honey Boy, Pansy’s brother who was born mentally challenged and Gertie an orphaned teenager who seeks a bigger life and have course Amylee, Jordan’s step grandmother who struggles with her memories.  All enhance the journey we take with Jordan and Pansy.

I can strongly recommend reading both these delightful novels by Augusta Trobaugh.  It has been my pleasure to find an author that consistently delivers well-written, captivating novels. I would have even paid for the pleasure to read them.


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