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Baby, Baby

I read a lot of books every year, probably well over 100.  Some I like; some I don’t and occasionally I find one that is heads above the rest.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to Joshilyn Jackson’s, a grown-up kind of pretty (A).

Several years ago, I read her first novel, gods in Alabama (B). My book club discussed it and everyone agreed;  it was well written and interesting. Last summer, I read Backseat Saints (B+) and with book number two; I became a Jackson fan.  Just last week, I found a grown-up kind of pretty in the library and instantly grabbed it.  I think I inhaled it.  I read it in about 8 hours.

Every 15 years, the Slocumb family of women encounters trouble. Trouble comes in many forms but most often with unexpected pregnancies.  First, Ginny, also known as Big, becomes pregnant at 15 and leaves her strict Baptist family home to raise her unborn daughter in a more accepting environment. Fifteen years later that daughter, Liza, also called Little, becomes pregnant as well.  Big does not want history to repeat itself and is accepting and open about Little’s pregnancy. Little has been a defiant and rebellious teen but decides that raising a child is something to become serious about.  She plans with the help of her mother to be a good parent. She wakes one evening to discover that her newborn daughter is dead.  Fearing that she will be considered a bad mother and a murderer she flees in the middle of the night. No one knows the child has died.  Big only knows that Little and the baby are gone. When Little returns, she is a drug addict in need of a place to raise her “daughter” Mosey. 15 years more and the remains of an infant are discovered buried under the Slocumb willow tree and so begins the mystery.  Is Mosey Little’s baby?  If not, who is she and did Little kidnap her?

Written in alternating character chapters, the story unfolds, the mystery deepens and the reader is hooked solid and fast. Literally, I did nothing for no one while reading this story.  I, along with Mosey and Roger, sought out the truth. I encourage everyone to read a grown-up kind of pretty. It’s time to put up your “gone reading” sign up, sit back and enjoy.


One response to “Baby, Baby

  1. Chris June 19, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Great review! Just read a sample on Amazon. That’s one heck of an opening chapter!!!

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