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Tigers in Red Weather

I was intrigued by the title, Tigers in Red Weather (B) by Liza Klaussmann. We meet Helena and Nick , two cousins who have inherited  Tiger House in Martha’s Vineyard. It is the summer at the end of WWII and they speculate about what will change for them now that the war is over.

Nick is married to Hughes who has been stationed in London. She has always been a bit of a wild child and while she is infatuated with her husband; he doesn’t always measure up.  She keeps him at a distance by her flirty nature and depressive moods. They each hold secrets that bog their relationship down. Their daughter Daisy is often the glue that holds them together.

Helena leaves for California, to marry her second husband, Avery, a Hollywood type. Avery is a man obsessed with a dead starlit.  Unhappy, Helena doesn’t wish to divorce and marry a third time;  so she convinces herself that her love for him and his for her is all that she needs.  With the birth of their son Ed, Avery takes total control of Helena. From a distance, Nick senses that Helena is in big trouble and makes saving Helena her mission.

The women and their children return to Tiger House each summer. One summer, their peace is disturbed when Daisy and Ed discover the body of a murdered woman on the beach.

By alternating the narration from character to character, the many dimensions of events unfold.  The plot is multifaceted with clues and hints delivered along the way. I enjoyed Klaussmann’s writing style, which made Tigers in Red Weather a very good read.  I did know well before the end who did what to whom but was not disappointed by this. I choose to read the novel because the title drew me in but it wasn’t until the very last paragraph that the title made sense. All in all, I am happy to have read this book and I believe you will be too.



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