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Three Through the Storm

I am sure it will surprise no one to learn that I read my way through hurricane Sandy and it’s aftermath.  With my trusty, battery operated book light; I read three books, which I will grade now.

Unfortunately, I will start with the worst one, The Heat of the Sun (F) by David Rain. It was a Library Thing Early Reviewer copy that was by far the most confusing, uninteresting book I have read this year.  I should rephrase that to say, “tried” to read.  I was intrigued by the idea of story.  It begins where Madame Butterfly ends, following the son that the romance left behind. Rain wrote his book as acts of a play.  I re-read the Overture three times and Act One: A Boy Called Trouble the same, before I gave up.  It is extremely rare for me to just lay a book aside but quite honestly I just had to L

Next up, San Miguel (C) by T. C. Boyle did nothing to excite me or keep me interested. Two families move to the island of San Miguel off the coast of California. The first family is there in the late 1880s,  the second in the 1930s.  The families arrive there for different reasons but both with the intention of raising sheep on the farm that has existed there all those years.  This desolate farm is battered by the angry winds and driving rains and barely livable.  The struggles that both families encounter are horrible.  It is not an easy story to read and definitely a wrong choice for me while dealing with the menace of hurricane Sandy. This book is flat out depressing.

Last but not least, we have a winner!!!! Love Child (A) by Sheila Kohler kept me engaged and provided the right diversion from the cold and dark.  The story takes place in a diamond-mining town in South Africa. Bill is a young girl who defies her family by eloping with a Jewish boy who she desperately loves. Once her father finds her, he makes her choose between Isaac and her family.  She waits a minute too long and Isaac leaves never to be heard from again.  A year later, with her marriage annulled, she returns to live with her family.  But what secret is she keeping and was Isaac the only one she left behind?

The novel begins at the end of Bill’s days.  Her wealthy husband has died and left her a fortune.  She is pressed to make a will.  She cannot make the expected decision to leave it all to her two sons.  Before preparing her will, she must clear her conscience and find that missing someone.

Kohler delivers an incredible novel from beginning to end.  I enjoyed her honest, easy writing.  Her characterization of Bill is spot on. Kohler’s portrayal of her is genuine and honest.  I found that I totally understood her and liked her too.


Well there you have it: “How I spent my time with hurricane Sandy!”  I am grateful that my inconveniences were minor and that I was able to read.  I did not have to worry about my home or my family; everyone was safe.  I continue to pray for those who suffered and continue to suffer.  As life returns to normal, I hope that no one forgets the less fortunate and that everyone makes an effort to help someone.


One response to “Three Through the Storm

  1. November 11, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I am really glad you enjoyed “Love Child” as much as I did! It’s not often that I pick up a random book by an author I have never read before and actually love it. I actually kept this one to read again someday. I hope that her other books are just as captivating as this was for me.

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