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The Best and Worst of 2012

As the year 2012 draws to a close, I thought it a good time to review my reviews. Not everything I read (35 books) did I review on The Book Mark but I was able to compile a pretty strong list of,

The Best:


#1  A Grownup Kind of Pretty by Joshlyn Jackson –I am a fan of Jackson and am happy to list this book as my favorite of the year.


#2  Afterward by Rosamund Lupton – again one of my favorite authors. As indicated by my review, this did not disappoint.


#3  The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian – probably the most powerful book I read by an author that I always enjoy.


#4  The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D by Nicole Beiner – was for me the most thought provoking novel.  Beiner was a new author for me and I look forward to more from her.


#5  The Sisters Montclair by Cathy Holton – an early reviewer’s edition brought another new author to my attention.  This intriguing novel was a pleasant surprise.


#6  Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick – while not as “wonderful” as a Reliable Wife, this was still a very good read.


#7  Two Rings a Story of Love and War by Millie Werber – far and away the most enlightening book I read this year.  This one brought tears to my eyes often.


#8  The Lilac House by Anita Nair – was another reviewers’ copy that I was thrilled to have been able to read.


#9  Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman – lived up to the hype that surrounded it.  It made the list at the end but still very worth reading.


And now the books that I didn’t enjoy and made the list as


The Worst:


#1  The Innocents by Francesca Segal – supposed to be the new Age of Innocence.  This book fell way short of the classic but you all know how I feel about re-dos!!!


#2  The Heat of the Sun by David Rain – was another early review edition that I received.  Though I requested a copy in the end I was sorry I did.


#3  Wife 22 by Melaine Gideon – drove me crazy. Written in the form of emails certainly does not a novel make….at least not for me.


#4  The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark- this pains me to put one of her novels here.  Her books have always been my guilty pleasure but I feel no guilt about this poorly written excuse.


#5  The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay – truly disappointing following Sarah’s Key.


#6  Little Girl Gone by Drusilla Campbell – had a bit of promise but never delivered.


#7  The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott – wasn’t necessary.  Who needs another Titanic story…certainly not me!


#8  The Time in Between by Maria Duenas – didn’t live up to the attention it got. Too bad.


Sadly, I have to admit the longest list I have is my Wish List.  There are so many titles that I never got to read this year.  I will roll them over onto my 2013 list with the hope of getting to them soon.  Every day I add another book and then another to that list.  I look forward to reading and reviewing more in 2013. As far as resolutions go, this is one that I always keep. I hope that you read along with me and continue to follow The Book Mark.  I thank you for following my blog and I wish you all health, happiness and bountiful pages in the New Year!



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