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Five Days

Thanks to Book Browse I received an advanced copy of Five Days (D) by Douglas Kennedy. Having read The Moment a while ago, I was curious about his current novel.

Laura is a radiographer who lives and works in Maine.  She has the opportunity to get away for a few days to attend a radiography conference in Boston.  She believes the break will do her good. Life hasn’t been easy for her lately. Her stress levels are high as her husband has been unemployed for 18 months and not handling it well at all. Her son Ben suffered a mental melt down over a failed relationship and her daughter is interested in only her own agenda.   Recently, Laura an accomplished technician has been unable to cope with negative test results some of her patients receive.

Once she arrives in Boston she meets an insurance salesman there on business.  Before she knows it she becomes involved with him. Is her life going to improve or take a turn for the worse? How much does she learn about herself along the way? Does she find new hope for life? All of these questions might lead to an interesting story but I’m afraid not here.

Kennedy obviously writes stories set in a time frame.  The Moment actually refers to life’s moments and surprise; Five Days is about Laura’s time in Boston. The issue I had with The Moment is the same issue here.  Kennedy doesn’t know how to cut to the chase.  It took 90 depressing pages before “the five days” even began. Once it begins, Kennedy gets caught up in “chatter” between his characters that made me want to scream “Shut UP already”.

I did not know of Kennedy before reading The Moment but after some research I thought I’d give him another try. Obviously, I am not a fan of his writing style. I like his ideas but they get bogged down in heavy, unnecessary wording. He needs to learn how to more affectively make his point. Until then, my moments and days will not be spent reading anything more from Douglas Kennedy.


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