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Her Last Breath

Her Last Breath (A) by Linda Castillo is the first book of the Kate Burkholder series that I have read.  Obviously, I have been missing some good reading.  Her Last Breath begins with a buggy accident in an Amish community in Ohio.  A man and two children are killed and a third child is seriously injured.  When police chief Kate arrives at the scene, she realizes that it is the family of her Amish friend, Mattie.Kate Burkholder is now the police chief; she grew up Amish but left as a teenager. She understands their ways and respects and protects them in this community.

What unfolds is a very emotional, dramatic murder mystery; one that Katie is determined to solve. I was impressed with the way Castillo presented the story, drawing the reader in and making you eager for justice. Even though another case and Katie’s love life are part of the story, they enhance rather than detract from the criminal investigation.  I don’t like when side stories fill pages with distraction.

Her Last Breath is the fifth in this series but it stands well alone.  Not having read the others, it was easy to fill in the blanks and follow without knowing too much of Katie’s history. Her Last Breath wraps up well. While not a cliffhanger, clearly more is to follow.

Anyone who loves a good mystery or Amish stories will completely enjoy this page-turner. It reads like a good movie and was over far too soon.


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