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Wildflower Hill



Often a book will claim to be like another perhaps more famous one. I am always skeptical and when Wildflower Hill (A) by Kimberly Freeman claimed to be like Kate Morton’s books I was doubtful.  Well, honestly, it is!!!

Spanning several generations and continents, we meet Beattie Blaxland’s family. Granddaughter Emma’s career as a Prima Ballerina has just ended due to a severe injury. Lost and feeling defeated, she becomes excited for the opportunity to travel to Tasmania, Australia to explore her inherited property there. Her grandmother told her that when her career was done there would be a surprise. Wildflower Hill was that surprise.

In 1929, Beattie led a typical life in Glasglow. Struggling to earn money, she found after hours work with her friend Cora serving drinks to a gambling crowd. What happened there changed her life forever. She fell in love with Henry a married man. Soon, she finds herself pregnant. With the promise of a new beginning, she runs with Henry to Australia.  Henry is not the man she hoped he would be. When Emma learns that his wife, Molly, has asked him to return to her; she fears he will take their child Lucy with him. With the help of a neighbor she runs once again, this time with Lucy to Tasmania.

She finds work on a sheep farm owned by a man very much like Henry. Determined to be in control of her life; she schemes to own Wildflower Hill and wins it in a poker game.  What follows is the legacy of Beattie Blaxland.

What seems like a “typical” story at the beginning evolves into a captivating 500-page read. Once I got involved with the characters; I was unable to leave them until I had read the very last page. Like me, fans of Kate Morton will really enjoy Wildflower Hill. I am sure you will devour it the way I did. In fact, this would make a great beach read. For me, sun, surf and an excellent read equal summertime perfection!!!!




One response to “Wildflower Hill

  1. Chris Tusa June 1, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Another great review.

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