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City of Women


Each year a number of books are written about The Holocaust. Most recently, I read The City of Women (B+) by David R. Gillham. Gillham tells his story through the voices of his strong female characters.

It’s 1943 and the men are fighting at the front lines leaving Berlin virtually a city of women. Sigrid Schroder’s daily routine is similar to other women of the city. During the day, she works as a stenographer and at night returns to the apartment she shares with her meddling mother in law.  To limit the time she spends at home, she will often escape to the cinema. There she encounters two people that will forever change her life, Ericha a young woman serving as a nanny and Egon a Jewish man who ignites Sigrid’s passion. As she gets involved with these two people, Sigrid becomes aware of the atrocities Jews are facing at the hands of Hitler and his army. While Germans turns against Jews and seek to annihilate them, Sigrid becomes part of the network to save them.

City of Women is a story filled with passion and intrigue. The characters are complex, each guided by an internal compass that charts the course of their actions. The decisions the women make steer this incredible story. It is so well written making this extremely intense and sometimes graphic story impossible to put down. City of Women brings the reader to wonder what they would do in similar circumstances.

While not for the faint of heart, City of Women should be read by women who can recognize and acknowledge the courage we all possess.



One response to “City of Women

  1. Susanbright June 29, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    City of Women is also an excellent audio book!

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