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The Husband’s Secret



The Husband’s Secret (B) by Liane Moriarty is a novel about the power of secrets. They control the person who keeps them and can destroy those unaware. Cecilia, Tess and Rachel are victims of secrets.

Cecilia, a wife and mother, is organized to a fault. She is a multi-tasker and prepared for every eventuality.  Her world derails when she discovers a letter her husband wrote many years ago meant to be found upon his death. Once she opens his letter, the secret it contains changes her life forever.

Tess runs a successful advertising business with her husband and cousin. When Will and Felicity confess to Tess that they are “in love”; her world turns upside down.

And Rachel, the school secretary, seeks closure of the unsolved murder of her daughter. She is haunted by secrets she has harbored about that day and is determined that punishment be delivered to the man she believes killed Janie.

The details of their lives can sometimes become a bit confusing but the characters are strong enough to engage the reader. By the middle of the book, the secrets and their consequences drive the story until the conclusion.

I am glad that I won this advanced edition of The Husband’s Secret   I was unaware of Liane Moriarty before but now that the secret’s out I will investigate her further.


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