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The Last Camellia


Once again, Sarah Jio has captured my attention with her newest novel The Last Camellia (B+). This fascinating story spanning decades from WWII to present day is as enchanting as her previous novels.

Addison is married to Rex. While their marriage is a good one, Addison has been unable to be honest with him.  She lives with a secret. She fears that once Rex knows the truth about her; he won’t love her anymore.

Her husband’s family has just purchased Livingston Manor, an old estate in London. While there, Rex and Addison discover that the Livingston family has secrets too. Anna Livingston, a young wife and mother, died in her camellia orchard. The circumstances of her death have often been questioned. With renewed curiosity, Rex and Addison investigate this age-old mystery.  While doing so, long held secrets reveal themselves.

I love the way Sarah Jio tells a story. She captures the essence of characters and weaves an intricate tale that is a joy to read. She is an author always on my radar. With me, she has a life-long fan.



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