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Songs of Willow Frost



Anyone who knows me knows that there isn’t much that comes between books and me. That is up until now!  Six weeks ago I brought home a 10-week-old pup.  He has consumed my attention all day and left me sleepless at night with absolutely no time to read.

Determined to exercise my mind, I reached for a book on my shelf that I was very excited about, Jamie Ford’s Songs of Willow Frost (C). Unfortunately, it left me very disappointed.

William Eng, now 12 years old, has been in Seattle’s Sacred Heart Orphanage for 5 years. His only friend and confidante is a blind girl named Charlotte. They share memories of their past. Charlotte tells William of her sexually abusive father and though William never knew his father, he doses remember the feel and smell of his loving mother, Willow. He can still remember her beautiful voice in song.

With chapters alternating between William and Willow the journey to find each other unfolds. I expected so much more. Without retelling their story, I will say that it was rather boring and predictable. I felt really ambivalent about the characters. They never really appealed to me.  The story seemed to go around in circles, ending exactly where I predicted it would.   I so loved reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Fords first novel and hoped for more of the same.  He did explain some Chinese culture and traditions but just didn’t deliver a compelling story.

I expected to enjoy my puppy free moments with a great book. That just didn’t happen this time. As puppy and I find our rhythm, I hope to fetch more books from my stash that are worth the sit and stay to read them.  Oh boy, I need to get a grip here before I start to bark!!!!!  Thanks for your patience; I promise to post again real soon.





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