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Girl on the Golden Coin



I knew nothing about Frances Stuart before reading Girl on the Golden Coin (F) by Marci Jefferson. For me the best I can say is that it is historically accurate. Historical fiction is my favorite genre and a very good way to be introduced to different time periods and personalities. I found that Girl on the Golden Coin trivializes history.  Jefferson has sex, not strategy, determining events.

Jefferson wrote in the style of Phillpa Gregory. I do not care for her books. Instead I would rather read a historical novel written more in the style of The Paris Wife by Paula Mc Lain or Nancy Horan’s, Loving Frank. I think either author would have better portrayed Frances Stuart. For me, Jefferson painted Frances as a manipulative young woman with not much character. My own research on Frances Stuart indicates she was a dynamic, intelligent woman. Certainly, I did not see her like that in Jefferson’s portrayal. I grew to really dislike Frances and actually became annoyed with her as the book chugged on.

I always enjoy books I receive to review from Book Browse. Unfortunately, Girl on the Golden Coin was definitely not to my liking.  If you enjoy Harlequin novels with a bit of history, then this one is for you.


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