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The Taste of Apple Seeds




Thank you Library Thing early reviewers for offering me the opportunity to discover The Taste of Apple Seeds (B+) by Katharina Hagena a very quirky and mystical novel translated from the original German.

Iris has just lost her grandmother Bertha. When she returns to the country for the funeral, she learns that she has inherited Bertha’s farmhouse. This comes as a great surprise to her mother and aunts as each suspected they would be chosen to receive the house. While Iris has many wonderful childhood memories there, they are all overshadowed by the death of her cousin Rosmarie.  Rosmarie died at 16 during one of their summer vacations on the farm.

Iris is unsure about claiming her inheritance and so she decides to spend a week at the house in order to come to some conclusion. As she begins to remember summers past, she uncovers truths and secrets about her family and herself. It is these truths that set her free.

The translation from German to English isn’t always clear and sometimes I was a bit confused. The strength of the story carried me through and held the novel together. At times it read like a fable. It was definitely different and magical too.  In the end, I was very pleased with this fictitious tale. It held so much it might be worth a second read.


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