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‘Till the Well Runs Dry




I know that I get excited about many of the books I read but I’m really excited about ‘Till The Well Runs Dry (A) by Lauren Francis-Sharma. I received this early reader edition from The Library Thing and I am extremely happy that I did.

Set in Trinidad in the 1940’s, the scene depicted is pretty bleak. Marcia Garcia a very young woman has to raise two young, autistic boys in an environment of poverty and despair. This sets the pace for her life. In the midst of all her responsibilities, she meets Farouk Karam a young Indian policeman who falls hopelessly in love with her. As with everything in her life, love is complicated too.

The characters are authentic and unique. Mammy, Farouk and Jacqueline deliver the story speaking in alternate chapters. The Trinidadian vernacular is so clear you can almost hear it. You learn about obeah, the magical folklore through moments with Tanty Gertrude and taste the culture through descriptions of island cuisine. The novel is well paced allowing details to unravel slowly keeping the reader curious and involved.

For these reasons and many more I didn’t want the book to end. It grabbed me from the beginning and held me “till the well ran dry” and I still wanted more. I consider this one of the best I’ve read so far in 2014 and I’m sure you will too.  If you don’t read this one, I t’ink you goint be sorry!!!!


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