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Morning Glory



How happy I am that I have read Sarah Jio’s newest, Morning Glory (A). Once again she has created exciting authentic characters that lead the reader through an imaginative mysterious story.

Penny is a young woman who meets a very wealthy older man Dexter.  They fall in love and marry beginning what they imagine to be an idyllic life. Years later, it is Ada who finds her true love, James. They have a beautiful little girl named Ella who they love and adore. Fate controls both their destinies shattering their lives. So, two stories, one existing in the present day and one many years before are woven together.

In alternating chapters, Penny and Ada deliver their stories. When Dexter distances himself from Penny, she becomes involved with Colin a younger boat builder who resides on a houseboat near hers. Their love blossoms like the morning glories that are scattered along the lake.  Complications arise and Penny goes missing.

Similar to Penny, Ada has been happily married.  She looses everything when an accident takes the life of both her daughter and husband.  Ada rents a houseboat in Seattle removing herself from everything that reminds her of her loss. It turns out that the boat she rents is the very same one that Dexter and Penny lived in at the time of her disappearance.

As in all her books, Sarah Jio tells a story that fully engages the reader.  She slowly but consistently allows the tale to evolve with each chapter enriching the plot until it’s completion.  Consistent with all her other books, there is always the unexpected which happily surprises the reader.

I believe that once you read Morning Glory; you will become a follower of Sarah Jio too. When you do, be sure to read all her previous novels as well. I am confident you will enjoy every one.


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