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The Fortune Hunter


Based on true historical figures The Fortune Hunter (B) by Daisy Goodwin is a novel of good imagination.  Charlotte Baird, the heiress of the Lennox fortune, meets Bay Middleton a soldier known for his skills with horses and women. While Charlotte finds herself falling in love with him, his attentions are shared with the Empress of Austria, Sisi. A love triangle of sorts ensues.

While I greatly appreciate historical fiction, I was not thrilled with Goodwin’s novel. Once again, as in her first novel, The American Heiress, her writing gets bogged down with irrelevant details…. details of prancing and jumping horses and fox chases become way too much.  She quickly establishes the “affair” between Bay and Sisi and honestly didn’t need all the extras.

Characters of history can sometimes be boring but Goodwin’s imagination prevents that from happening. Her characterizations are what drove me to continue reading. Every character was full of personality.

The author’s enthusiasm for the subject is evident in her thorough research. In the end, I became familiar with someone I would not have known. I would recommend this novel to those that enjoy this genre. For me less would have been more allowing me to give more praise rather than less.


One response to “The Fortune Hunter

  1. Jeanne May 12, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    While I agree that the author’s thorough research is evident, the details she included enhanced the book for me. I consider their inclusion seamless and relevant, adding to what might have been just another historical romance.

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