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I love to go to bookstores and grab armfuls of books to take home…well I used to. I haven’t posted a review in several weeks because all I have read or started to read is one disappointing book after another. I know that writers have dry spells but do readers too?

Let’s start with the biggest disappointment, which occurred this week: Ripper by Isabel Allende. The premise of the story was extremely inviting. A video type mystery game that becomes real life and involves solving the mystery of a serial killer seemed like a story with some real teeth. Those teeth though were not very sharp. In fact, after 70 pages, it was more like a lick rather than a bite. I became frustrated and gave up. Background is important to every story but it shouldn’t take half the book to establish it.

For Christmas, I received Adrianna Trigiani’s, The Supreme Macaroni Company. I so looked forward to reading this one especially after enjoying The Shoemaker’s Wife. Being Italian, I appreciated the opening pages of the “family” at Christmas acting very typically Italian. Again, a little bit is fine but page after page is way too much. When the story finally became clear it was so expected; it wasn’t worth reading.

The last one I will mention is A Life in Men by Gina Frangello. I don’t even know where to begin with this one except to say that I chose it because I had read some nice reviews. I honestly got as far as page 30 before had to stop the madness.

I know that sometimes my frame of mind can affect how I feel about what I am reading. There has been some stuff going on recently that was definitely distracting but here’s the deal. For me when I am worried or nervous about something, that’s when reading becomes my tranquilizer. A good book will calm me down and provide sanctuary. This has not been the case for the past several weeks. I made a trip to the library this morning and picked up a couple of books that have been on my radar. After purchasing books that aren’t worth reading, I thought borrowing was the way to go. A friend of mine recently told me that for him it’s the 1 in 10 rule. For every 10 he starts,  there is only one he finishes. Right now for me, it’s 1 in 3!!!!!!  I certainly hope that changes. I’ll keep you posted 🙂




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