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How far would you go for someone that you love?  This is the question tackled in Troika (A) the debut novel by Adam Pelzman.

Julian and his mother were living in Russia in extreme poverty. Upon his mother’s death, a businessman named Frankmann cares him for. Frankmann arranges for Julian to be adopted by a Russian couple living in the United States. Soon after his college graduation, Frankmann dies leaving Julian to inherit a fortune. Employing all that Frankmann taught him, Julian becomes very successful and extremely wealthy. He marries Sophie his childhood sweetheart and life seems perfect until there is a terrible accident that leaves her paralyzed.

In Florida, Perla, a young Cuban woman strips for a living. One night, Julian becomes a special customer, a customer that will turn Perla’s life upside down.

Pelzman writes a very complicated and sensual love story. It unravels slowly with perfectly developed characters that push ethical and moral boundaries.  It never drags or gets bogged down with unnecessary details. Troika is a perfect selection for a book club discussion. It is one of the best I have read so far this year. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to discover this novel as an Early Reviewer at The Library Thing. I strongly recommend you give it a try too. I am confident you will find it as impressive as I do.


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