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The Invisible Thread


Just finished The Invisible Thread (B) by Laura Schroff for this month’s book club.  Schroff clearly has set an example here of how far one act of kindness can go. The day that she met a desperate little boy named Maurice was life changing for both of them.

As she takes him under her wing and becomes his closest and only friend, their story begs the question: “Would you do the same?”  Certainly, she clearly illustrates the pros and cons to such a situation. As she mentions, she didn’t know all the facts. At times, I felt she acted too impulsively to the detriment of Maurice.  I also felt there were several situations I just don’t think would really ever happen. I doubt that someone other than a parent would be able to have a discussion with a child’s teacher.

The part of the story that was only hers, where she describes the abuse she and her siblings suffered at the hands of her father was almost impossible to read. I did put the book down and skipped those parts in order to be able to finish the book.

All in all, I believe it will provide us with a lively book discussion. If it were not for book club,  I know that I would have passed on reading The Invisible Thread.  I am certainly not naive. I am aware of the horrors some people have to endure but reading is an escape for me. Most times, I like a pleasant escape this definitely was not.


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