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The Paris Winter



The Paris Winter (A) by Imogen Robertson has introduced me to an author I did not previously know but certainly am now happy to have found.

Maud Heighton is a proper English woman who has not had an easy life. Her impoverished and dysfunctional family has left her little to enjoy. She is a gifted artist that wishes to study art in France. After the meager home she inherited burns down, she uses the little bit of insurance money she receives to study at the Lafond an art school in Paris. It is there that she becomes friends with a wealthy Russian woman who in an attempt to help Maud survive the harsh Paris winter leads her directly into danger and deceit.

Robertson crafts an intriguing novel that is as much historical fiction as mystery.  The combination produces a very successful story that is impossible to put down. It hit all the notes that for me make a novel sing. Her characters are powerful personalities that add to the intrigue and mystery. It is so well done that I was surprised by several events, which make the book more exciting. The Paris Winter is a clear winner that will entertain every reader.


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