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I recently finished Ruby by Cynthia Bond (B) a rather unusual book for me.

Ruby hears voices, imagines delivering the bodies of dead children, sees ghosts and is haunted by the Dybou (the devil). Ephram Jennings falls in love with Ruby when they are children. At eight, his mother is sent to a mental hospital and his sister Celia raises him. He is torn between his love for Ruby and his dedication to his Celia.

Ruby is a product of the piney woods of Liberty, Texas. The town is downtrodden, home to bootlegging, poverty and insidious red dust. While she manages to escape for many years, a letter from her friend Maggie brings her back to relive her past and all the devastating violence she endured then.

Ruby by Cynthia Bond is written in beautiful, flowing prose. Despite the exquisite writing, I found Ruby hard to read. First, the subject of rape is always difficult. Unfortunately, while the prose was beautiful it was at times unintelligible. The characters voices speak the voice of Liberty. The people are uneducated but God fearing. They have their own vernacular.

While I might not have liked reading Ruby, I do appreciate it. Cynthia Bond is so passionate about writing that she has taught it to at-risk and homeless youth. She is extremely gifted. Ruby resounds with the echo that love is worth fighting for no matter the cost. Cynthia Bond makes the reader feel the power in every page. My recommendation is to try it if only to be introduced to this amazing author.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.




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