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One Plus One


So what do you get when you add a computer geek who may have just ruined his career with an inadvertent episode of insider trading and a hardworking but rather desperate mom? You get One Plus One (A) by Jojo Moyes.

Ed Nicholls had an idea and with his best friend created a multimillion-dollar Internet company. The man, whose father expected nothing much of, became rich beyond anyone’s imaginings and he’s about to loose it all

Jess works very hard to support her two children. Tanzie is a young girl with exceptional math ability. Nicky is Jess’s husband’s son from a previous marriage. At 17, he is very different than his peers. Jess and her husband Marty are separated and now Jess is responsible for all the family finances. She works countless hours, several of them cleaning Ed Nicholls beach house.

Basically through random acts of kindness, Jess and Ed’s lives become tangled together. Ultimately, Ed drives them all to a Math Olympiad in Scotland. The wild and zany ride changes all of their lives.

This book has been compared to the movie “Little Miss Sunshine” and the reasons are fairly obvious but it doesn’t mean that the story is the same. The ebb and flow may be similar but One Plus One goes much deeper. I like that Moyes mingles serious with witty, impossible with possible and all in a cohesive manner.

Many of you were introduced to Moyes with her first novel Me Before You. I enjoyed One Plus One so much that I am headed to the library for Me Before You. I’m hoping to be equally impressed.


One response to “One Plus One

  1. Sylvia September 6, 2014 at 8:18 pm


    I read Me Before You. I thought it was a lovely book. Easy to read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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