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Goodnight June

Goodnight June Pic

Sarah Jio’s novels have never disappointed me and Goodnight June (B) is no different.

The author’s note tells the reader how important Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown has been to her young family. She has read it to each of her boys in turn. She has even written a humorous parody for Parenting magazine. Though a very popular children’s author, there isn’t much known about Margaret Wise Brown. In Goodnight June, Jio has brought her to life as “Brownie” a friend to Ruby who owns “Bluebird Books” a children’s bookstore.

When Ruby passes away she leaves her precious bookstore to her niece June. June leads a very successful but extremely stressful life in Manhattan working as a VP at a bank. Her primary job there is to close failing businesses when their debt to the bank becomes impossible to repay. When she travels to Seattle to assess her inheritance; she intends to return to work within the week. What she doesn’t expect is to be flooded with loving memories of her Aunt and Bluebird Books.

While you can pretty much guess at the rest of the story, it is so beautifully written that you will want to read every word. And yes, there are several surprises you might not see coming.

Goodnight June is a delightful book that can keep you company on a chilly weekend this fall. After you may even want to visit your local bookstore and sit among the children’s books.


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