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The Rosie Project


Fun and informative is how I feel about The Rosie Project (A) by Graeme Simsion.

Through the narrator, Don Tillman, the reader experiences what life is like when you are “wired differently”. Professionally, Don is an assistant professor of science studies. He is very used to orderly procedures to determine DNA and diseases. He sets rigid standards regarding the delivery of information and tolerates no plagiarism or sharing of that information in papers written by his students. There are no gray areas. He deals in only black and white.

For the most part, he conducts his personal life in the exact same way. In his kitchen his “white” board schedules his days down to minutes. He plans his meals with the “Standardized Meal System” whereby he eats the same meals on the same days weekly. He knows himself well and knows that he has little if any social skills. In an attempt to find a suitable mate, he creates and implements the Wife Project. Early into the process, he meets Rosie a woman that he feels is totally unsuitable; yet he is drawn to her and her needs like a magnet.

At times hilarious, The Rosie Project clearly depicts the challenges that Don and those who have Asperger’s encounter (“Aspies Rule!). You can’t help but root Don on in his pursuit of becoming “less different”. You will laugh, feel angst and laugh again throughout the entire book. Spending time with Don and Rosie was an absolute pleasure. I am sure you will feel the same way. I eagerly await the coming sequel!!!!!


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