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Prayers for the Stolen


Can you imagine a world where you have to dig a hole to hide your daughter? In Jennifer Clement’s “Prayers for the Stolen” (B) that is what you do in Guerrero, Mexico to protect your female children.

Guerrero is a beautiful, mountainous town where fields of poppies grow, poppies that are processed into heroin. There are no men living on this mountain. They have all left. Some leave to earn money for their impoverished families others are running away from heroin, death and murder. Prayers for the Stolen illuminates this dark and dangerous world in rural Mexico.

Ladydi lives disguised as a young boy. Her mother named her Ladydi as “revenge” for the way women are cheated on by their husbands. Ladydi’s father carried on with most of the women in the village and fathered Marie one of Ladydi’s closest friends. As she leaves Guerrero with an opportunity to start a new life, she becomes without knowing a prime witness in a gruesome murder of one of the most notorious drug traffickers in the area.

Clement’s writing leaves little doubt about the horrors these young women face in a society riddled with the drug cartel. Yet, it delivers a powerful message of friendship and survival.

I was aware of the drug issues that exist in Mexico but I had no idea of the impact it has on the innocent. Being doused with Paraquat, sold into prostitution, used as a drug mule, and tattooed as a gang member are only some of the atrocities that befall these young Mexican women. The author holds nothing back. This not a “touchy feely” love story leaving the reader wanting more. It is a book that you will not soon forget. It will stay with you long after the last page and for that reason I do recommend you read it.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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