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The Silver Witch


So I requested to read The Silver Witch (B) because it intrigued me. While not my usual read, I really appreciated that Book Browse gave me the opportunity to get a taste of Paula Brackston’s witchy novel.

Brackston writes beautifully and perhaps that more than the subject matter kept me moving through the novel. A mix of historical fiction and fantasy, it delivers something for everyone. The chapters alternate between Seren in 10th century Wales and Tilda of current time. Seren is a seer able to see into the future, making predictions through visions. After the tragic death of her husband, Tilda moves to her cottage in Wales where she hopes to begin life over. At first odd, unexplainable things occur to Tilda. Faces and scenes flash before her; electricity crashes and clocks stop ticking when she enters the room. Through the help of a local historian and the loving friendship of Dylan, Tilda realizes what is happening to her. As the story continues Tilda’s connection to Seren and her love for Dylan unfold.

The Silver Witch definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Delivering some historical facts and developing a romantic interest were the positive aspects of the book. I am not a fan of fantasy but did enjoy the local folklore. I can now say I “gave it a try” and though I enjoyed what I read I doubt that I will try another. Having said this, while it may not be for me, I am sure that anyone who enjoys this genre will enjoy The Silver Witch.


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