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The Look of Love


Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Look of Love (A) by Sarah Jio is the book to read.

Sarah Jio is one of my favs and her newest book was so much fun to read. A simple love story with a twist of whimsy, The Look of Love gives a nod to the song with the same name. “The look of love is in your eyes” are the beginning lyrics to this popular song. Jane was given a gift at birth, the ability to “see” love. Only now, as she approaches her 30th birthday is she aware of this gift.

The woman who passed the gift to her sends Jane a Christmas card asking to see her. At their visit, Jane is told that she has till midnight on her 30th birthday to “see” the 6 kinds of love and document them in the ancient journal. Should she fail to complete this task; she will never herself experience love.

Six or more relationships are followed throughout the book each with their own characteristics and identities. You can’t help but root for each one to succeed.

On this bitter cold and snowy Valentine’s Day weekend, I recommend you read this book of love. It will warm your heart and tickle your fancy and perhaps make you “see” your Valentine in a whole new way.


One response to “The Look of Love

  1. Pam April 29, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Eeeek! Loved this book! I’m happy to have found your blog… you and I share similar taste in books and review style. 🙂

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