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The Revelation of Louisa May


What a delight The Revelation of Louisa May (B) by Michaela MacColl was to read. Louisa May is of course Louisa May Alcott author of Little Women one of my favorite classics. MacColl acting a bit like P D James (Death Comes to Pemberly) has written a fictional story about an escapade that Louisa May could very well have participated in.

The Alcotts are part of the Underground Railroad system safely hiding runaway slaves on their journey North. Here, Louisa has discovered George a runaway on their property. Behaving as she has seen her family do many times, she hides George in their barn. She considers George “her responsibility” but he will not be her only responsibility. Marmee is going to New Hampshire for a while to earn some much needed money for her family. She is leaving Louisa in charge.

Even before Marmee leaves, things become chaotic and Louisa finds herself overwhelmed. Murder, mystery and a bit of romance ensue turning this little novel into an enjoyable read. While nowhere near the caliber of the classic it is derived from, The Revelation of Louisa May is intriguing and fun. I recommend this book for lovers of Little Women who can enjoy stretching their imagination and dabbling in a bit of the unconventional.

I especially like the Author’s Note where she explains how she took liberties with the facts about the Alcott family. I applaud her endeavor and marvel at her creativity. Bravo!


One response to “The Revelation of Louisa May

  1. Tarissa June 2, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    Sounds like a fascinating book! I’ll have to add this book to my to-be-read list. I absolutely adore Louisa May Alcott. One of the books I’m reading this month is her novel entitled “Rose in Bloom”. It looks like we have similar taste in literature!

    I was pleasantly surprised to land on your review, because during June I’m actually hosting an Alcott-themed reading challenge on my blog. Would you be interested in reading a book written by Louisa (or about her) during June? If so, come on over!


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