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So once a month Amazon offers Prime Members a free Kindle pick. Several months ago, the historical fiction choice was Inamorata (B+) by Megan Chance. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to get a free novel in my favorite genre. I knew it was about artists in Venice and would be historical in nature. What I didn’t expect was that it was also a fantasy novel. What was even more surprising … I liked it !!!!!

First, I had to learn some new terminology. “Inamorata” means a person’s female lover and a “succubus” is a demon in female form that in order to survive must have intercourse with men. (This is not a graphic novel but does have some explicit sex scenes.)

Sophie and Joseph Hannigan are twins. He is a gifted artist and she a talented storyteller. Their childhood was riddled with horrible events that taught them early to rely solely on each other. They have traveled from New York to Venice on a small budget in order to acquire the fame and fortune they have only dreamed of.

Odile Leon is the succubus who claims her demonic powers are responsible for the success of artists like Schumann and Byron. Now, 300 years later, she is in need of a new victim in order to maintain her human form.

The story was quite intriguing. As it progresses the reader is clued in to well held secrets. As they are revealed more mystery develops moving the story right along. While definitely for the reader who enjoys fantasy, I would recommend historical fiction lovers take a shot at it too. I am very happy to have read this novel. While it was completely enjoyable, I think it will be my one and only fantasy read.


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