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Circling The Sun


I love the way Paula Mc Lain delivers a story. Her latest book, Circling The Sun (A) is as wonderful as The Paris Wife. Each book introduces the reader to an incredible woman who isn’t very well known.

Beryl Markham’s childhood was unusual by any measure. Her family moved to Africa where her father struggled to establish a profitable farm. Unable and unwilling to continue her marriage, Clara, Beryl’s mom returns to England. She leaves Beryl behind to be raised by her Dad. It is a neighboring native tribe that realizes she needs to be loved. Through their attentions, they foster her childhood bringing her love and happiness. Her unorthodox upbringing works for and against her. What she lacks in social graces she more than makes up for with courage, strength and determination.

She becomes the first woman to become a certified horse trainer and later the first woman to pilot a plane from West to East across the ocean. Her successes were not easily won and she had numerous disasters between each event. She failed several times in the romance department and had a baby she wasn’t allowed to raise.

There is something for everyone in this novel. Events flow from one to the next drawing the reader in deeper and deeper. A love triangle intensifies the story even further making it impossible to put down.

I am happy to recommend this one. Mc Lain pens an enlightening, fun and captivating novel that was a pleasure to read.


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