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The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs


The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs(B) by Matthew Dicks delivers a strong message – bullies never win. Written for the modern reader, the author paints an interesting picture of how powerful words can be.

Caroline Jacobs has been tortured by an argument she had with her “best” friend in high school. The day that Emile gave away Caroline’s seat at their table in the cafeteria was the day that came to define Caroline.

At one point, Polly, Caroline’s daughter who attends high school, tells her mom about how much they have been taught about bullies and bullying. To my knowledge this is accurate. I am sure we have all read or heard news accounts of bullying tactics and their disastrous consequences. Clearly, The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs addresses this issue.

Dicks has simply written a complicated story. He manages very quickly to get the reader to champion Caroline’s cause. At times, the story feels scattered but that appears entirely purposeful as Caroline’s actions are often scattered and tentative.

I highly recommend this book and while I am not certain who the author intended his audience to be; I believe that it could easily succeed in a YA genre.

Thank you Book Browse for presenting me with the opportunity to meet someone like Caroline Jacobs. Her character is real and often reminded me a bit of myself while in high school. Certainly a hard topic to discuss, Dicks handles himself well here with a very moving and poignant story.


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