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The Seven Sisters


I believe I have found a new author to add to my favorites, Lucinda Riley. What I particularly enjoy is that every book she pens is different than the one before. She definitely doesn’t get stuck writing about the same era, event or theme. The Seven Sisters (A) is my favorite thus far.

Maia is one of six girls who were adopted by a single Dad. As the book opens, the wealthy, loving father who raised them has died. He is buried at sea even before his daughters are notified of his death. As each one learns of his passing, they gather at their family home Atlantis in Geneva. Every daughter was named for a star in the Seven Sister Constellation. The seventh child was never adopted.

When Pa Salt’s will is read, the women learn that they will be well cared for but will be required to complete their own destinies while pursuing their own dreams and careers. A sculpture is revealed that bears the name of each of the girls along with a set of map coordinates that indicate their place of birth.

The author tells the story of Maia as her coordinates lead her to Rio where she discovers the mysteries and history of her birth family. What unfolds is an incredible story that is complicated and well thought out. It brings the reader right into Maia’s world allowing us to feel her confusion, distress and emotions. The story becomes two as the details of the lives of Maia and Izabella are told.

Not everything is spelled out and the reader is left to wonder about certain events and characters. I loved the way the clues are there in plain sight for the reader to detect. The fact that your suspicions are never confirmed only adds to the drama and intrigue. I definitely encourage you to read The Seven Sisters along with Riley’s other novels as each one is a treasure to be enjoyed.


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