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Last Night at the Blue Angel


Last Night at the Blue Angel (A) by Rebecca Rotert is a debut novel that knocked my socks off.

Naomi Hill is a singer on purpose and a mother by accident. She has struggled her entire life. Growing up in poverty meant that she had few options for her life. When she finishes school she discovers many confusing things about herself. She becomes aware of her sexuality and her amazing singing voice. With one intimate moment her life is changed forever.

Spoken in the voice of Naomi and then later her daughter Sophia, Rotert draws the reader into their world. As Naomi’s selfish, destructive character moves along you become angry with her every decision. While at the same time your heart breaks for her daughter Sophia who just wants love and attention.

I requested a copy of this book from Library Thing because it aroused my curiosity. I honestly didn’t expect much more than a mediocre story. I was so completely surprised at how much this book affected me. There were moments when it brought tears to my eyes. From sexuality to segregation, these characters will make the 1960’s explode. I believe that anyone who reads this will be equally touched by the raw emotions it depicts.


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