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A Touch of Stardust


As everyone knows by now I am a big fan of Gone With The Wind. So it made perfect sense to read Kate Alcott’s newest book A Touch of Stardust (B) a novel full of facts about the making of this blockbuster movie.

The author did extensive research about the people and events involved with the filming of the movie. She skillfully incorporates her fictional characters (and their story) with people like Clark Gable, Carol Lombard and of course David O. Selznick the producer of this mammoth film.

She pairs Lombard with Julie a fictional character through whose eyes we witness the saga that played out in Hollywood in the months it took to produce Gone With The Wind. While Hollywood busied themselves with the dons and divas, the world was watching Europe as Hitler stomped through it.

While not a literary masterpiece A Touch of Stardust is entertaining and fun to read. I have read Alcott’s other novels and was pleasantly surprised with this one. My recommendation for those who love the movies, celebrities and, of course, Gone With The Wind is to treat yourself with this guilty pleasure. It makes for a good end of summer beach read.


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