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Fiercombe Manor


I have spent the past several days at Fiercombe Manor (A) by Kate Riordan and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

In 1933 Alice finds herself unmarried and pregnant. Her mother quickly takes over the situation and banishes her to the country and Fiercombe Manor where her childhood friend, Mrs. Jelphs, maintains the empty mansion. Alice arrives at the manor with the story her mother has created for her. She pretends to be a new widow who has found herself pregnant and in need of a private place to mourn. By all measures, the empty manor provides the perfect sanctuary. However, what Alice discovers is that she isn’t the only one with a secret. The manor and the family who own it have secrets of their own. Slowly over the months of her pregnancy, Alice is drawn to those secrets, as is the reader.

Written in the style of Kate Morton and fashioned like Downton Abbey, Riordan weaves an intriguing story with passionate characters and intricate imagery. It is the ideal formula for a perfect novel…one of the best I’ve read this summer.


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