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The Book of Lost and Found


I have books on shelves and books on my kindle but I still love to go to the library and explore. This week I came upon The Book of Lost and Found (A) by Lucy Foley. It was the cover that drew me in but the story definitely kept me there.

Kate Darling’s mother, June, was abandoned as an infant. Adopted by a fairly wealthy woman, she grew to become a famous ballerina. Her recent passing has left Kate a bit lost and grief stricken. At the same time, her Grandmother Evie, who resides in a nursing home suffering from dementia, has summoned Kate. In a very lucid few hours, she confesses to Kate that she had received letters from June’s biological mother, letters that included a sketch of her, letters that she never shared with June.

As Kate seeks answers the story spans decades and continents. As one clue leads to the next Kate is able to piece together an incredible love story and ultimately discover her biological grandmother and grandfather.

The historical content along with the captivating characters made it a very enjoyable read. This is the author’s first novel and I sincerely hope that there are many more to come. I strongly encourage you to spend time with this wonderful novel and when you’re done – go explore your library. You never know what you will find .


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