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The Gates of Evangeline


There are several things that attract me to a book. Very often what catches my attention are reviews, a book cover or publisher remarks. Occasionally, it’s just pure instinct. I knew after only a few pages that The Gates of Evangeline (A) by Hester Young would be exciting to read.

How can Charlie Cates, understand the disturbing “visions” she is dreaming? A boy with a chipped front tooth is drowning and she is being called upon to help him. The truth is she can barely take care of herself so soon after loosing her own son.

When Charlie shares her dreams with her Grandmother, she gets a reaction she never expects. Rather then being told it’s her imagination, she learns that her grandmother also had “visions” that were later confirmed. Charlie is presented with an opportunity to write a book about a three-year-old child who went missing and was never found. Considering the dreams she’s been experiencing, Charlie decides to move to Chicory, Louisiana hoping that her visions will help uncover this thirty year mystery.

The story that develops is an incredibly well crafted, fine tuned mystery that captures your attention and keeps it till all is done. Charlie is vulnerable and engaging while the other characters and events support and enhance the suspense that builds and builds throughout the novel.

I am not a fan of mysteries unless they are well thought out and planned with twists and turns that keep my interest. The Gates of Evangeline is so well written that I would classify it as one of the best books of 2015.  For these reasons and many more, I strongly encourage you to follow my instincts and get a copy for yourself. You will not be able to put it down. (By the way, this is the first in a trilogy. So there is more good stuff to come !!! )


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