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The Last Midwife


It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book by Sandra Dallas. When I saw The Last Midwife (B) on the shelf at the library, I remembered that I always enjoyed her books.

Gracy Brookens is a Sagehen, a midwife. It’s 1880 in a Colorado town called Swandyke an while there is a new doctor in town (a grown youngster from town) women still seek the advice and help of Gracy when it comes to their deliveries.

Gracy learned from Nabby, the woman who raised her. She seemed to be a natural for the job, learning quickly about herbs, poultices and difficult pregnancies. She actually delivered her first baby at 10 years old earning a dime for her work. The handsome brother of the mother not only gave Gracy her first fee but also stole her heart. Ten years later she married Daniel a “man who would give her trouble”.

Now many years later, in a town she’s called home, she is charged with murdering a baby. The women that she has helped through their most joyous and private times have taken sides. Some believe her guilty most do not. However, the circuit judge feels there are enough questions to proceed with a trial.

And so Dallas works her magic relating a story with characters that charm you and disgust you. Simply written yet descriptively powerful, The Last Midwife keeps you “all in” till the very last word – literally.

Without question this is a book I would definitely recommend. December is a fast paced month will little time for reading so mark your calendars for the first of January with a book worthy of setting the pace for 2016.


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