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The Lake House


It’s taken me several days to decide how I would review The Lake House (B) by Kate Morton. Morton has been one of my favorite authors for a long time and I so looked forward to her latest novel. Now that I have given it some thought I’d have to say I was a bit disappointed.

The Edevane family has owned a country home on a lake in Cornwall for generations. The peace and solitude it provides has gotten the family through good and bad times. Traditionally, they have celebrated Midsummer’s Eve with a huge party inviting family friends from near and far. In 1933, while the party was in full swing someone took 11 month old Theo from his nursery and he was never seen again.

Now seventy years later in a parallel story Detective Constable Sadie Sparrow is in exile at the Lake in her Granddad’s home while the fate of her career hangs in the balance. Sadie’s “crime” is that she became too involved in a case where a young child was left alone for a week in an apartment because her mother mysteriously disappeared.

While staying in Cornwall, she becomes interested in the disappearance of Theo Edevane. She doesn’t like unsolved mysteries and this one has so many similarities to her London case that she can’t help investigating.

Morton bounces from past to present delivering clues to both mysteries along the way. At the very beginning I was completely confused. I found it difficult to establish what was happening to whom and why. As the story progressed things started to fall into place and the intensity of the story grew and captured me with it.

All of her novels are long and involved and that’s the reason I love them. I found this one to be at times disjointed with too much back and forth from past to present. However, the biggest disappointment for me was the ending. I am not spoiling it for anyone but will safely say that I felt it was quite a bit far fetched.

As always she ties it up in a pretty bow and all lose ends are resolved. Overall I did enjoy the novel and will definitely be anxious for her next. I’d love to hear from any Kate Morton fans that read this one to know if anyone feels as I did.


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