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Double the Fun


Being sick has some advantages and being able to just sit and read and read and read is one of them. So today, I bring you two books that helped me recover from bronchitis.

This book has been on my “to read” shelf for a number of years. I purchased it in an independent bookstore that I discovered while walking through downtown Boston. Up at the Villa (A+) by W. Somersett Maugham literally took me two hours to read. Those two hours went way too fast with this immensely pleasing little novel.

Mary Leonard’s husband died leaving her with a little money and a lot of freedom. Married to a man that she loved but who destroyed her financially and spiritually, she heads to Florence, Italy to recover. While there, a long time friend asks her to marry him. As she contemplates her answer, she meets an enchanting stranger inviting him home for what she planned to be an impetuous night of fun. What actually happens changes her life forever.

I have always been a fan of Maugham but this blew my mind away. Certainly everyone can find two hours to read this amazing novel. Like me, you want it to never end.


Someone Else’s Love Story (A) by Joshilyn Jackson has been sitting in my Kindle for a long time too. I am a big fan of Jackson and have read most of her books enjoying them all equally.

This time, Jackson’s book opens with a convenience store robbery. Shandi and her son are moving to her Dad’s condo in Atlanta. She will be closer to school and Natty will be able to attend the best nursery schools available to him. Her best friend Wallcott, as always, is right by her side to help but he’s not in the convenience store when the robbery occurs and what he comes to realize while waiting for the outcome changes everything. His isn’t the only life that changes though. Shandi, too, realizes that she must face her own demons if she is ever going to be able to protect Natty.

Jackson’s writing is always engaging and she does an excellent job here too crafting a novel filled with twists and turns. Once again, you can’t always take things at face value. What you think you know might be completely something else.

So here you go, two for the price of one. Both are absolutely worth reading even when you are not sick and a captive audience.


One response to “Double the Fun

  1. DoingDewey February 25, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    Someone Else’s Love Story was the first book I read by Joshilyn Jackson and I really enjoyed it too! The twists and turns were one of my favorite parts. The author definitely managed to surprise me.

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