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Black Rabbit Hall


Finally a book you can sink your teeth into Black Rabbit Hall (A) by Eve Chase!!!!!

The Alton’s are rich in love, kindness and family. They live in London but summer in Cornwall at Pencraw their country estate. Pencraw is knick named Black Rabbit Hall because of the numerous black rabbits that dot the landscape every evening. Nancy Alton is an American woman who raises her family much less formally than the British do. So when the family is summering, the children live as free spirits enjoying their country surroundings. They anxiously await holidays there. Then one awful day, there is an accident and Nancy is thrown from her horse and killed. Nothing is ever the same again. With Nancy’s death the story changes from one joyful note to many disastrous ones beginning with Hugo Alton marrying a woman that the children detest as much as she detests them.

Now thirty years later, Lorna, comes to Cornwall seeking the wedding of her dreams. No one can understand her urgency to be married there but she is drawn to it like a magnet. One of the venues she is to visit is Pencraw and once inside her inner turmoil begins. She knows she has been there before but the details are vague at best. Her mother has recently passed away and one of her possessions was a photo taken annually beside a sign clearly belonging to Pencraw.

Chase imagines a good story filled with twists and turns. Alternating from present to the past, the story is delivered expertly. What is the attraction that Lorna senses? Why are there haunting memories? Lorna questions everything, even her desire to marry Jon.

I felt as if I had read this story before because it is similar in ways to some outstanding novels. Yet it is strong enough to stand on it’s own. For this and many other reasons, I strongly recommend this one.




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