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The Storm Sister



As you know by now I am a big fan of Lucinda Riley. I just finished the second book in the Seven Sister Series, The Storm Sister (B+).

Each book in the series begins in the same way with the death of Pa Salt. At his memorial service each of the adopted sisters is given information regarding where they were born. The Storm Sister is about Ally. Once a promising musician, now a seasoned sailor, Ally’s journey leads her to Norway and the home of Edvard Grieg.

Ally arrives at Atlantis having witnessed Pa’s burial at sea. Left with more questions than answers, she initially decides to postpone any investigation into her birth and continue with her plans to compete in a sailing tournament with her newly found love, Theo. As fate would have it, Theo is killed in a racing accident. Ally is again grieving and without direction. She returns to Atlantis to mourn and there decides to research her clues. Her map coordinates lead her to Norway where she hopes to discover her past.

While all the books in the series will be based on the same premise, each sister will have her own story. Riley’s characters are rich and well developed. It’s easy to become engaged with the women as they search for answers regarding their birth.

I usually don’t follow a series. I have always found they burn themselves out quickly and become less and less interesting. If all of the novels are done as well as these first two, then the Seven Sister Series will be a complete success. The third book is due out in November. They will come quickly, which is great. I recommend you get started on the first two, catch up and become part of the journey of the Seven Sisters.










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