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Britt-Marie Was Here



Britt-Marie believes that one should only do what is appropriate and on “the list”. Britt-Marie Was Here (B) by Fredrik Backman is not only appropriate but required reading.

Britt-Marie is 63 years old. She just discovered that her husband is having an affair. She realizes this when she is called to the hospital where he has been taken because he has had a heart attack. There is only one appropriate thing to do – pack up your belongings and leave.

Her first stop on the road to her “new life” is the unemployment office. After days of being annoyingly persistent, she is given a job in a town called Borg. Borg has been devastated by the recent financial crisis. The local pizzeria serves as the post office, the grocery story and many other things. The community center is destined for demolition too. Britt-Marie’s new job is to be the caretaker of the community center – a job that will be temporary, lasting about 3 weeks.

Britt-Marie is learning to navigate life on her own for the very first time. Up until now, her husband Kent has “taken” care of it all. She operates under a set of rules that are rigid and inflexible. She is comfortable with routine. Borg isn’t somewhere she should be, however, she is there.

With comedic flare and heart wrenching clarity Backman writes a compelling story of reawakening and purpose.   The characters are unique and engaging. The story drives itself to a somewhat predictable but welcoming end. It definitely is a fun and heart-warming read that must be put on your “to read” list!!!


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