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The Madwoman Upstairs



The Madwoman Upstairs (B) by Catherine Lowell appealed to me primarily because some of my favorite authors were the Brontes. What I read was honestly the most “quirky” novel ever. Based on the supposition that the main character, Samantha Whipple is a direct descendant of the Brontes, Lowell assumes knowledge of behind the scenes events of their lives.

Samantha is now attending Oxford University where she hopes to continue the education that her late father began for her. His obsession with the Bronte sisters is now her obsession mainly because it has something to do with her “inheritance”. As a child gifts from her father were always given in form of a treasure hunt. Following the clues would lead to a Christmas present, etc. Obviously, her inheritance is given in the same manner. Only now she is an adult and attending a very prestigious college.

A bit of a mystery and somewhat of a love story evolves into quite a crazy novel. At times I was all on board and then I’d read more and become disinterested. Finishing the novel was bit of a chore. I am not totally unhappy that I read it but would caution anyone who would like to try to be open minded and patient. I wonder what the Brontes would have thought about this !!!!




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